Ukraine: "Family care should become a national priority," - AUCCRO manifesto

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On June 6, the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations (AUCCRO ) published its manifesto in defense of the rights of children and families. It emphasizes that everyone has the right to a decent life in a loving family.
Source: AUCCRO

"Life: from natural conception to natural death. This is not a human whim or a letter of the law, it is God's plan.

God created us in His own image, so each of us is called to unity with him, as well as to unity with those whom God also created in His love. One of the greatest values of every country is healthy and strong families. They are the key to a mature and wise society.

Families where the wife and husband believe that they have protection and security in each other. Where everyone feels that the family at home is waiting for them, loves them and inspires them. Where children know that they can be honest with their parents and talk and ask about everything.

Unfortunately, the statistics of divorces and instances of domestic violence are threatening, and the pandemic has only exacerbated these problems. They are the cause of incurable injuries not only for spouses but also for children. Traumatized people carry their fears and pain into adulthood.

In our opinion, family care should become a national priority. Because the demographic crisis is a real problem of the Ukrainian present. For whom are the reforms being implemented if in one or two generations there will be no people left in Ukraine who will live and work here?

Families should not be afraid to give birth because of the lack of proper social protection and feelings of instability. Preparation for family life should become an integral part of school education and upbringing. Therefore, the knowledge gained at school will contribute to creating a healthy family.

Not conventions and declarations, but a real promotion of responsibility and moral maturity among young people can make families happy and protected. The family only needs to be helped and with God's help, it will find the way of its healing.

Strong families in the state are more valuable than gold and oil deposits, and without exaggeration are the only guarantee of its development and future." (Quelle:, 7. Juni 2021)