Rumänien: Faithful to jointly pray from their homes daily at noon

. : Rumänien

The Romanian Orthodox Church has announced a new program of prayer in the context of the coronavirus pandemic, beginning today, on the new calendar feast of the Annunciation, calling upon all faithful to join one another in common prayer daily at noon, each from his own home, while church and monastery bells ring out throughout the country. “In this difficult time of trials related to the pandemic, the clergy and laity of our Church, being physically separated in terms of prayer, can still unite through a common midday prayer,” reads the statement published by the Romanian Church’s Basilica News Agency.

For this purpose, the bells of all Orthodox churches in Romania will ring at noon for 1-2 minutes on the feast of the Annunciation, then on every Sunday, and then on every day when a service is celebrated in parishes and monasteries,” the statement continues. “During this common prayer, we call on the laity, staying in their homes, to recite the Our Father, the kontakion of the Annunciation, “To Thee, the Champion Leader,” and other prayers. Priests in parishes and monasteries will also read special prayers for the end of the pandemic,” the office of the Holy Synod said at the end of the statement.

The Synod earlier urged the faithful to remain at home “except for situations of utmost necessity.” The Georgian Church earlier made a similar call, exhorting its faithful to pray the Our Father, Rejoice Virgin Theotokos, and Open the Doors of Thy Compassion together from their respective homes daily at noon. (Quelle:, 25. März 2020)