Rumänien: Holy Synod elects new Bishop of Huşi

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During the working session of the Holy Synod, chaired on 5 October by His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel, the members of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church elected by a majority vote the new Bishop of Huşi. Last weekend, the Metropolitan Synod (Episcopal Assembly) of Moldavia and Bukovina proposed two candidates for the Diocese of Huşi:
The episcopal see of Huşi became vacant in August following the resignation of Bishop Corneliu. According to the Statute of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Holy Synod must elect a new bishop sixty days after the vacancy of an episcopal see is acknowledged. The synodal agenda includes the canonization of Metropolitan Joseph the Merciful of Moldavia and the lay-ascetic George the Pilgrim.

In his opening speech, Patriarch Daniel said that Saint Neophyte the Recluse from Cyprus would be added to the calendar of the Romanian Orthodox Church. (Quelle:, 5. Oktober 2017)