Rumänien: Holy Synod issues pastoral letter at the beginning of Nativity Fast

The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church has issued a pastoral letter on the first Sunday of the Nativity Fast recalling that the Romanian people bears the ‘seal of the mystery of Christ’s Cross and Resurrection.’ ‘The luminous fruit-bearing of Christ’s Gospel in the history and culture of the Romanian people is observed in the gift of national unity, freedom and dignity, gained through strong faith and sacrificial struggle over many ages of Christian suffering,’ the hierarchs point out.

In the 1918 Great Union Centennial, ‘we must highlight that the Greater Romania is also a work of the Romanian Orthodox Church, which in all its history has defended the unity of faith of Romanians, and implicitly has cultivated the consciousness of national unity.’ The members of the Holy Synod noted that ‘the consciousness of national unity always combined with national unity.’ ‘The Romanian Orthodox Church had a major contribution to the promotion of the consciousness of the spiritual unity of the Romanian people.’

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